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Camden Garden Club Meeting - April 25, 2019

Guest speaker was David T. Handley, Vegetable and Small Fruit Specialist and Cooperating Professor of Horticulture for the University of Maine who spoke on “Growing Strawberries and Raspberries.” He covered the variety of plants available, how to select the best planting site, and how to prepare the soil to ensure a bountiful and delicious crop. 

 Handley has been based at Highmoor Farm, the Maine Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station in Monmouth, Maine, since 1983, where he carries out applied research regarding berry and vegetable variety evaluation, production techniques and pest management strategies.  He coordinates statewide integrated pest management (IPM) programs for strawberries and sweet corn.  Dr. Handley is the author of numerous Extension fact sheets, articles and newsletters, and co-editor of two regional small fruit production guides.

Club meetings are held at the Congregational Church, 55 Elm Street.  Program starts at 9:30 am.  All are welcome.