Johnny Appleseed Day

Let’s Celebrate: Johnny Appleseed Day is on the 26th.

Johnny Appleseed, a.k.a. John Chapman, was the American pioneer nurseryman born in Leominster, Massachusetts, who introduced apple trees to large parts of Illinois, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, and present-day West Virginia. He became an American legend while still alive. A Johnny Appleseed Museum can be found in Urbana, Ohio.

It is believed the only surviving tree planted by Johnny exists on a farm in Nova, Ohio, and is claimed to be a “Rambo” apple tree. Most nurseries call the fruit from this tree the “Johnny Appleseed” variety, which ripens in September and is a baking/applesauce variety similar to an Albemarle Pippin. Of the approximate 30 varieties of apples commonly found in Maine, the Pippin is not one.
Learn more about Johnny Appleseed here.  Be sure to go apple picking with family and friends and remember to Buy Local.